January 12, 2022

Optimism and pessimism are personal choices. Both are intentional behaviors that define our life. Neither happens by accident.  They are individual choices and a visible reflection of who we are.  Get into the habit of thinking positive thoughts.  Unfortunately, negativity is an invasive, contagious and stealthy foe.  So we have to be “happy” on purpose.  One of the ultimate compliments in life, is to be seen or remembered as a “Happy” person.  By definition, people gravitate towards you and will value your presence.   Especially during life’s most challenging moments.

We were born to be happy, not sad.  The act of “Birth” in and of itself is the historic and inaugural celebration of every human being’s life.  At that moment, we have the ability to change the entire world by our words, deeds and actions.  If we change just one life, we can set into motion a multiplier effect that can cascade over generations.  Enabling us to live beyond the present and impact the future of someone unknown.

If we look for the dark side of everything, we’ll miss the brightness in life.  Every morning that we wake.  We have a choice. Life is hard enough, no one gets out unscathed.  So try not to dwell on what has happened “to us” but try to focus on what has happened “for us”.  You own this priceless currency and choice to flip the coin to the right and bright side.

My life has not been particularly difficult or easy, but it has been remarkably blessed. There’s enough sadness in the world, so be that ray of light that illuminates a path for others on their journey.  Our habits come from our heart.  I pray you acquire happiness in abundance so it can be shared without reservation or hesitation.   Afterall, we are our choices.

About the Author Michael K. Francis

Michael is a C-Suite Business and Human Resources Executive with more than 30 years of professional experience in the public sector with four Fortune 500 companies, and as a Management Consultant. In 2020, he founded BEAM Executive Advisors, LLC to provide consultative services to clients based on collaborative relationships, trust, and integrity.

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