November 29, 2021

We all have quirks and unique habits, little things that we have done instinctively throughout our lives. Those that know you can quickly identify you by subtle, but distinct mannerisms and phrases. So much so, that if given a few arbitrary data points in a single-blind study. Much like a seasoned detective, they could piece together a profile and with a high degree of confidence declare. “I think I’ve solved the case. I’m pretty sure I know who this is!”

If you’ve ever wondered why you do some of the things you do. Why you latch onto certain things, people and causes . Well, after 59 years, I’m finally starting to understand why and how I am, who I am. Why I’ve always been meticulous, organized, even keeled, quiet, a collaborator, inclusive, an observer, a peacemaker and a documenter.

I can say with complete confidence, that something, not of this earth, an intuitive presence has been there from my beginning. Blessing me; Guiding me; Molding me and Testing me. Preparing me, yesterday for this very moment today. Patiently waiting to see if and when I would connect the dots. So they could finally assess the return on their investment, “In Me”.

About the Author Michael K. Francis

Michael is a C-Suite Business and Human Resources Executive with more than 30 years of professional experience in the public sector with four Fortune 500 companies, and as a Management Consultant. In 2020, he founded BEAM Executive Advisors, LLC to provide consultative services to clients based on collaborative relationships, trust, and integrity.

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