May 4, 2022

Life is a special gift, personally adorned with intricate pieces of joy, pain, loss and love. No one endures their journey intact or without internal battle scars. So many variables are not ours to control, but “how” we live ultimately defines who we really are, at our core. That will become our legacy.

No one has all the answers and never will. Sometimes the most intelligent and impactful thing we can do, is nothing. Absolutely nothing, no action, no words, just walk away, respectfully, confidently and quietly. Do not give trivial moments or disingenuous people the benefit of unretrievable time. Leave them with the gift of silence, reflection and your absence.

Remember nothing happens by chance. I believe significant life events are preordained, firmly anchored in a future that has existed since our inception. Delicate pieces of our history, solemnly and patiently waiting for each of us to catch-up to that preset moment. A memory seemingly new to us, but already documented in the unread chapters of our life’s story.

I believe possessing a kind heart in a cruel world is a sign of strength, not weakness because it reveals time-tested fortitude, resiliency and faith. Remember, you are stronger today because of all your yesterday’s and there are better days ahead.

About the Author Michael K. Francis

Michael is a C-Suite Business and Human Resources Executive with more than 30 years of professional experience in the public sector with four Fortune 500 companies, and as a Management Consultant. In 2020, he founded BEAM Executive Advisors, LLC to provide consultative services to clients based on collaborative relationships, trust, and integrity.

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