December 6, 2021

The Chinese zodiac “officially” recognizes 2021 as the Year of the Ox.  But for the rest of my life, I’ll always remember it as the Year of the Eye.

Somehow, I quietly and solemnly faced; four OR anesthesia surgeries, two non-anesthesia optical laser surgeries, a four-day “in-patient,” high dose steroid infusion, and absorbed close to five thousand milligrams of life-saving Prednisone. Not exactly what I envisioned while bringing in the New Year.

Undoubtedly, 2021 was incredibly different from any of my previous 58 years. But I also know that right now, millions of people around the globe have or are enduring significant life challenges. They too, have a story to tell with even more powerful evidence of divine providence and the intrinsic power of the human spirit.

Whatever 2022 and beyond brings, I can draw upon new tools, experiences, faith, and confidence. So for that and 2021, I am grateful.

About the Author Michael K. Francis

Michael is a C-Suite Business and Human Resources Executive with more than 30 years of professional experience in the public sector with four Fortune 500 companies, and as a Management Consultant. In 2020, he founded BEAM Executive Advisors, LLC to provide consultative services to clients based on collaborative relationships, trust, and integrity.

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