Federica T., December 2022

Wonderful book of your amazing journey and testimony. I still carry it with me inside my bible cover.

D. J., July 2022

Good Morning,

I wanted to tell you “thank you”! On our bus trip to Metz in France, I took your book with me (I left it in Europe). As I opened the book to read the first page, I could not stop reading it. I was drawn into everything in it.

It was beyond inspiring and provided the reassurance that I needed to keep moving forward. It made this next chapter in my life easier to open and embrace. I am sure that everyone who has read it, if it was a sentence, a chapter or the entire book, felt some type of inspiration or positive energy that held them.

Thank you for following God! Your journey is admirable and your positivity contagious. Also, thank you for including the view of growing up as an African American citizen in our country. Many people forget how daunting it can be or that it’s even something to worry about.

Again, thank you. I could write forever about each chapter and the powerful inspirational life and career quotes. The book was absolutely amazing!

R.M., November 2021

THANK YOU for your faith, courage and love! The introductory words alone make me feel some kind of way, hopeful, maybe a bit guilty, and grateful for having met you and the opportunity now to know you better. I know this book will be of blessing to me. I know it will make a difference because I have the honor of knowing you, your love of others, your work ethic and your strength. I remember when my son had health crises you shared a bit of yours, it gave me hope. God bless you.

Gloria W., March 2023

…All I can say is, "WOW." Your book is riveting and thought-provoking. It was uncanny how similar some of our life experiences are (perhaps similar for most people of color)… Your courage, strength and passion illuminate throughout the book… Most importantly, I am so glad that you are doing better and that your focus is now on reaching new horizons for living a more intentional life and making the world a better place.

Your faith "kept" you in the midst of the storm; God's grace will "sustain" you throughout the storm's entirety.

A. D., February 2022

As I read 59 Prime, I quickly realized the tremendous gift this book is. I thank Michael for sharing himself, his family, his journey, experiences, and hard-earned wisdom. The 59x2 reflections imparted on the reader are both thoughtful and thought provoking.

This book impacts me greatly. I found myself underlining, circling, and highlighting so often as though class was in session. I would be remiss not to when given the opportunity of a gift such as this.

The manner in which Michael has repeatedly triumphed by approaching challenges through a lens of hope and faith is humbling and reminds me to pull out to the 50,000-foot view of a situation. Michael’s words encouraged a great deal of self-reflection for me with the turn of each page.

As I read, Michael’s words created such a flow that I found myself shifting to embrace current challenges and obstacles as opportunities. I am inspired, uplifted, motivated, and feel great encouragement to persevere towards my full potential…able to begin recognizing the resilience building opportunities in front of me for what they are.

Michael K. Francis is a leader who is so positive and uplifting that one finds themselves spiraling up – more hopeful, energized, and feeling calmness from a place at the center of the storm vs. allowing the storm to pull one in. Michael has such a strong vortex of positivity and optimism that one’s mood is immediately lifted; a leader in whose presence I find myself standing an inch taller and believing in myself more… just from reading his words.

59 Prime is akin to having a personal and professional mentor right in my pocket to call on anytime I need to reset my perspective. I strongly encourage anyone in any phase of life to gift themselves 59 Prime.

Lori J., December 2022

Love this for the lives you have touched and are touching... Those seeds you have planted will grow and plant other seeds!!! Thank you for sharing a big part of you

L. P., March 2022

Michael, I finished reading 59Prime over the weekend and wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your story and wisdom! I know we didn't get a chance to get to know each other well while we were at AMD, but I was always impressed by your caring leadership style, positivity, perseverance and kindness. You are a living testament of your values and shine a bright light in every room you walk in. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to read your story and learn from the life lessons you shared. As someone who also has several health issues, it was inspiring to read how you have approached, learned from and overcome your illness. Thank you again for sharing your heart, wisdom and perspective. Wishing you continued success, health and happiness in the future!

B. J., June 2022

I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your book. Wow what an amazing story!

G. B., March 2022

Many of us try to assess our lives when we reach a milestone; particularly one of age. Few are able or willing to give an unvarnished and relatable view as Michael does. He was once a client of mine as he went through one of his transitions and that turned into a friendship. It’s pretty hard to not like the guy! I’ve got roughly a decade on him but there are some great insights and lessons for me. Isn’t 61 another prime number, Michael?

M. K, January 2022

I finished reading the book and wow such a honor to have been able to be let inside your world with your raw and honest story. I can't wait to interview you next week.

M. K., January 2022

Michael, I finished your book and Wow! So inspiring! Loved reading your journey. Thanks for sharing!

Kate, April 2023

Thank you so much for your beautiful book! I was inspired and moved by your message of hope, faith and integrity.

I think everyone would grow from reading your book but I especially wish all people with chronic illness could.

May God bless you and your family always.